Still Life

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them”

Henri Matisse

Still life paintings which reflect everyday domestic life.

My paintings reflect my love of vintage household items which give a nostalgic feel to my work. I am a collector of vintage crockery from boot fairs and charity shops. I am always interested in the story the objects could tell.

I love the selection of objects, the patterned plates, teacups, milk jugs and colourful tablecloths. The arrangements and placement of these on a surface and how it tells a story to the viewer. Who is taking tea? What will happen next?

Light is so important to me and how it falls and creates shapes, shadow, highlights and mood, morning light, cool light, evening glow, dappled light and how this effects your senses.

Edouard Manet called still life, “the touchstone of painting”. I agree and I am particularly drawn to this style of painting and its relationship to the domestic interior. I find joy in the everyday, the simple vase of flowers in the hallway, the breakfast table and the stories these tell of those who are not in the painting.

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  • Cyclamen on tablecloth by JAB