Sketches and Drawings

“Drawing takes time. A line has time in it”

David Hockney

Drawing is essential to me and the foundation of my work. It is always the start of something new and exciting and a journey which can go in so many different directions. I use a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal, inks, pastels, and paints, often mixing these in a single drawing. I love to explore the edges, space, light, shadow, and shapes and just simply observe.

The Female Nude

Life drawing is a subject which I always return to and has been a constant source of inspiration for my paintings. My life drawings are on paper and the majority are A2 in size, but please check the details for each individual piece. I have a selection of drawings for sale in my shop which are all unframed.

Sketches and drawings which explore the curve and twist of the figure, the way the light creates positive and negative shapes is endlessly inspiring. When drawing the figure, I look for the relationship of the shapes. The torso, shoulders, ribcage and pelvis which create scenes like landscapes.

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