Modern Landscape paintings in Oil and Acrylic

“If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere”

Vincent Van Gogh

Drawing direct from the landscape is always my beginning. Starting with a series of sketches using charcoal, pencil and paint. I love to build layers, often changing views and overdrawing to develop the composition.

Exploring the landscape is what I love being outside and feeling the wind and rain. When I am back in the studio I work on the sketches looking for pattern and colour. I often rip them up and create layers of texture, marks and paint layers. It is through this experimentation I create an emotional response to the subject matter.

My current work explores the relationship between colour, distance and weather through landscape.

My larger work is about the remembered imagine and the memories that creates.

Oils allows a me to develop the layers of paint which create a sense of movement. I enjoy using glazes and optical range to create depth and visual complexity. The process of layering paints with different opacity and saturation enables me to record the landscape in a very personal way and to explore colour and atmosphere.

My technique is to work on each painting over days or even weeks adding thin layers of paint from translucent to opaque. My background is textiles and see this as almost stitching the colours together.

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