Welcome, thank you so much for your interest in my work. My new website is now live and my shop has been updated with lots of new work. Please click the link to my NEW WEBSITE.

My work is an exploration of light filled moments

Jude Askey-Brown is an oil painter and colourist inspired by domestic life and figures. She graduated with a degree in Textile Design from Leeds University and qualified as a teacher at Cambridge University.

Jude works from observation and memory to create paintings that celebrate colour. She currently works from a studio at Godinton House and her work can be seen in local galleries and exhibitions.

‘’My current paintings focus on domestic interiors, still life, responses to textures, colour and how objects tell a story. It also reflects a love of vintage homeware which gives a nostalgic feel to the paintings.
I love the selection of objects, the patterned plates, teacups, milk jugs and embroidered tablecloths. The arrangements and placement of these on a surface and how it tells a story to the viewer. Who is taking tea? What will happen next? Light is so important to me and how it falls and creates shapes, shadow, highlights and mood, morning light, cool light, evening glow, dappled light and how this effects your senses.

My figurative work is influenced by Matisse and Bonnard. I use pattern, fabrics, wallpaper and textiles to create figures within a domestic scene.

My technique is to work on each painting over days or even weeks adding thin layers of paint from translucent to opaque. My background is textiles and see this as almost stitching the colours together.’’