Oil brushes 2
Cyclamen in vintage dish
Original oil painting, ‘Cyclamen in vintage dish’ by Jude Askey Brown. Light yellow, blue and pinky white suitable for bedroom or living room.

My work is an exploration of light filled moments


Jude Askey-Brown is an oil painter and graduated with a degree in Textile Design from the University of Leeds. She is a qualified teacher from the University of Cambridge and has taught Art and Textiles at secondary school. She has been a Head Teacher in a number of Kent Primary schools and a school inspector. In 2015 she decided to focus full time on oil painting.

Jude’s early work focused on the figure. Her current work includes landscapes and domestic interiors and her responses to textures, colours, weather, movement and space. Inspired by the natural world her most recent work focuses on the landscape of Kent and Derbyshire, where her parents live. She currently works from a studio at home in Kent and takes part in local exhibitions and also teaches art and textile workshops.

Artist’s Statement

‘’Drawing is always my beginning. Starting with a series of sketches from direct observation using charcoal, pencil and paint to build layers, often changing views and overdrawing to develop the composition. I grew up in the Derbyshire Peak District and spent much of my time walking the hills with my grandad. I love to sketch outside and then develop the sketches in my studio creating layers of texture, marks and colour. It is through this experimentation I create an emotional response to the subject matter.

My current work explores the relationship between colour, distance and weather through landscape. From drawings I develop compositions for larger paintings which are painted in oils. I began painting in oils a few years ago after studying at the Norfolk Painting School and found it completely changed the way I painted and responded with colour. As my experience has grown, and over time my technique has developed, my canvases have also grown. Oils allow me to develop the layers of paint which create a sense of movement, dynamic optical range and visual complexity. The process of layering paints with different opacity and saturation enables me to record the landscape in a very personal way, to explore colour and atmosphere.

My technique is to work on each painting over days or even weeks adding thin layers of paint from translucent to opaque. My background is textiles and see this as almost stitching the colours together.

As an oil painter I am greatly influenced by the artists Turner, Corot, Bonnard and Klimt, their use of paint and colour is sublime.’’