2021 Art Resolutions

Looking back at my art resolutions from last year… 2020 was going to be my big launch into art galleries, show and exhibitions. I worked hard and had a lot of events booked in during May, June and early September and was busy preparing and planning for each month. Then came March 23rd…

Still Life , Morning tea in Autumn light
Domestic interior still life painting ‘Morning tea in Autumn light’, Original oil painting by Jude Askey-Brown

At the time I was really devastated, but now that I have looked back at 2020 there are still parts which have been truly terrible; so many deaths; effects on families; disruption and loss of jobs. For me personally it wasn’t the year I had hoped for all my plans were upended and I really missed being with my family and friends. Yet amongst it all I have manged to find some real positives and unexpected successes.

Cyclamen on tablecloth by JAB
Cyclamen on tablecloth oil painting by Jude Askey-Brown 2020

My successes include, setting up my garden studio a dedicated place to paint, creating my website, learning about online marketing, taking 5 online courses, painting everyday and joining the Connected Artist group.

Yes it has been an extremely challenging year with such sadness for those who have lost loved ones and those who have had their dreams torn apart. Yet it has also given us many stories of hope and determination which we can all learn from the way we have adapted and found different ways to do the things we love.

Reflections on a pond by Jude Askey-Brown
Landscape painting in oil by Jude Askey-Brown. ‘Reflections on a pond’ is a calm and tranquil oil painting in soft brown, olive green and pale blue. It is suitable for a main reception room.

So what will I take forward for 2021?

You can’t control things, things will happen and we need to adapt. Its good to make plans but these do not always happen in the ways we might expect. remembering to adapt and grow means makeing changes when necessary and often things will happen but just in a different way.

No comparisons with others only compare myself to where I was yesterday, last week or last year. Avoiding comparing my art to others who are probably further on in their journey than me or just do things differently.

No excuses time on the brush will see the biggest improvement in my art. Committing to studio time and just painting will provide me with the time to develop my skills.

Embrace change certainly something I have learnt from 2020!

Happy New Year!

Autumn light
Mixed media study for Autumn light by Jude Askey-Brown 2020